FANUC America Corporation

Assembly Robots

Assembly robots have extended production capabilities and manufacturing. The assembly procedure is faster, more precise, reliable and accurate than manual assembly.  Robots have saved workers from monotonous and boring jobs of assembly line production and have improved throughput and quality  during the process.

There are several advantages related with robot assembly:

  • No fatigue: an assembled robot can work without pause every hour or day.
  • More output: the steady output combined with quality and repeatability is incomparable even with the most demanding applications of a robotic system.
  • Better performance: accurate and correct assembly performance of the mechanized systems that is prepared with vision technology to assist in production in most of the cases.
  • Savings: assembled robots generate savings by decreasing downtime and labor costs and escalating production and performance. Automation produces a high return of investment (ROI).

The M-710iC/50 robot equipped with the FANUC iRVision 3D laser vision sensor performs an advanced precision assembly operation.
The robot can insert a part into an off-angle hole with a keyed shaft as a difficult application that requires tolerance because the robot can “see” the random location of a part and “feel” how to insert the part using FANUC 3D vision and FANUC’s FS-60 force sensor. You can read more about it on FANUC 2007 Press Releases.

FANUC America Corporation. is the leading supplier of industrial robots and factory automation systems in North and South America. FANUC offers robotic systems in the following applications: Assembly Robots, Material Handling Robots, Welding-Laser Robots. The Assembly robots manufactured by FANUC are:

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