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Assembly and Vision – FANUC America
When it comes to robotics, assembly and vision go hand-in-hand. In order to properly assemble items, robots must be able to “see” what they are doing. This way, they can make adjustments as necessary to ensure proper assembly.

Enjoying Robotic Vision

FANUC America offers assembly robots that are capable of “seeing” what they are doing. With the iRVision® built-in robotic vision technology, the assembly robots at FANUC America are capable of:
  • Identifying objects
  • Transferring items to kits at a high rate of speed
  • Adapting quickly to changes in size

The iRVision® robotic vision technology can be featured in the LR Mate 200iC series. To learn more about assembly robots available at FANUC, visit the Assembly Robot page.

Making Welding Easier with Robotics

Some applications require welding to complete the assembly process. In this case, arc welding robots can be beneficial. The FANUC DualARM system was designed specifically to make the welding process more efficient.

The FANUC DualARM system is capable of:

  • Integrating two ARC Mate robots through one CPU
  • Receiving direct entry of welding data in order to provide localized control and ease of use
  • Receiving up to four commands in one program
  • Reducing down time with its Automatic Fault Recovery technology
  • Increasing the safety of the operator by making it possible to selectively disable motion

FANUC America offers a number of arc welder robotic options.  To learn more about the welding robots available through FANUC America, visit the Welding/Laser Robotics page.