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Burr Removal – FANUC America

Industrial and manufacturing environments require efficient solutions for the maintenance and manufacturing of parts. FANUC can, in any setting, ensure that your parts are deburred and coated a manner showcasing the highest quality and speed. At FANUC America, our versatile robotic solutions serve numerous functions and are capable of meeting your burr removal needs from start to finish.

Burr Removal
Burr Removal is essential for both the functionality and appearance of your parts. FANUC robots, with their extensive range of motion, flexibility, and precision, can quickly deburr your materials. Furthermore, FANUC goes above and beyond by offering several specialized Material Removal Robots that not only deburr, but can also grind and wash your parts.

Quality parts require quality coatings. FANUC delivers on this requisite by providing specialized coating robots. A FANUC industrial robot can perform coating work in hazardous environments and have received FM and CE Hazardous approval for Class I and II, Div. I, Group A, B,C,D,E,F,G environments. Coating robots have a range of features and are capable of coating different materials from numerous industrial and manufacturing environments. FANUC robots also specialize in the application of both Clearcoat and Gel Coat finishes, providing for a perfect final product.
With such a wide range of work solution robots, your company will find it easy to integrate our robots into your workflow. In terms of part manufacturing and maintenance, FANUC provides a complete solution for your part’s exterior condition. Our Material Removal, Painting, and Dispensing robots excel in the following:

  • Deburring
  • Grinding
  • Washing
  • Polishing
  • Clearcoat/Gel Coating
These activities are essential in any industrial and manufacturing environment. FANUC makes it possible to integrate intelligent robot solutions that reduce waste, increase productivity, and ensure high performance in the most hazardous environments.