FANUC America Corporation

Cleanroom Robotics

To exceed our clients’ expectations, FANUC America understands that our automated equipment must perform fasters, lift more, and be more precise than all other industrial robot suppliers. For this reason, FANUC America have design and supplies intelligent robot solutions with lower cycle times, higher robotic payload capacity, and lower repeatability for simple and flexible manufacturing.

In addition to more traditional automated applications, such as robotic assembly, laser welding robotics, and automated painting systems, FANUC America has also designed robotic arms for environments that require specifications that are more stringent. For example, FANUC offers cleanroom robots and food grade robots for a range of industries. 

A cleanroom is an environment used in manufacturing or scientific research that has a low level of airborne particles and other pollutants, such as dust, microbes, and chemical vapors. Some examples of automated cleanroom systems include:

Cleanroom robotics is the intelligent solution for semiconductor manufacturing, life science industry and optical/magnetic media producing industries are very sensitive to environmental contamination.

FANUC cleanroom robots are specially designed for superior performance in manufacturing and lab applications.  FANUC offers cleanroom robotics systems with Class 100* rating per Federal Standard 209E (ISO Class 5). FANUC has cleanroom robots that feature a compact footprint designs, six degrees of freedom, and is capable of handling a full FOUP containing 25, 300mm wafers and an end-effector. FANUC even offers a cleanroom robot that can fit on a table top. Our cleanroom robots have a higher reliability, lower costs, and greater flexibility than custom-engineered hard automation.