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  There are a number of different industries that require the use of cleanroom robots.  Robots for cleanrooms are different from those used in more traditional settings.  This is because cleanroom robotics help maintain a clean environment. 

Keeping the Environment Sanitary with Robots for Cleanrooms

Robots for cleanrooms keep the environment clean and sanitary because they do not produce pollutants, ensuring that cleanrooms remain uncontaminated.  For this reason, our robots create none of the following byproducts:

  • Dust
  • Microbes
  • Chemical vapors

Each of these types of airborne particles can contaminate the environment and the products being created and manufactured in the cleanroom.

Industries Requiring Cleanroom Robotic Equipment

Although nearly any industry can benefit from the use of robotic equipment for cleanrooms, there are many industries that rely upon this technology.  For these industries, having robots that are specifically designed for cleanroom use is essential.  Some of the industries requiring cleanroom robotics include:

The materials processed within each of these industries are extremely sensitive to environmental changes and contaminants. Therefore, it is essential to use a robotic device that is made specifically for cleanroom applications.

To learn more about cleanroom robots and other material handling robotics available through FANUC America, visit the Material Handling Robots page.  To learn more about those used for assembly, visit the Assembly Robots page.