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Coating and Painting – FANUC America
  Versatility of application types, techniques and standards makes the process of coating and painting in an industrial setting a potentially problem-wrought necessity.  FANUC America - the world’s foremost maker of industrial robots, offers a solution that is cost-effective, quality assured and space saving – coating and painting robots. FANUC has created a series of robots that carry out these processes with amazing quality assurance and far reaching space and time implications.  With robots designed, tested and maintained with the highest of customer standards in mind, there are a wide enough variety for any industrial consumer. 

Specific Coating and Painting Robotic Products 

Coating automation primary application is fiberglass goods.  Painting automation primary application is automotive manufacturing.

FANUC America offers 9 specialized coating & painting robots:

  • P-10 (automotive & truck interior painting)
  • P-50i (general industrial coating)
  • P-500
  • P-200E System (integrated application and equipment interface advanced applications i.e. interior cut-ins, exterior, fascia)
  • P-250iA
  • P-250iA/10S
  • P-250iA/15 Elevated Rail
  • ServoBell Paint Applicator
  • VersaBell Paint Applicator


FANUC America offers comprehensive support services (multilingual 24x7x365):

FANUC America has extensive coating and painting experience and will work with you to find solutions to meet your manufacturing needs.

For more information about FANUC Coating and Painting Robots along with all other products,
contact us at 1-800-iQ-ROBOT.