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Engine Assembly – FANUC Robotics

Engine Assembly is a complex process, requiring precision, flexibility, and efficiency. Manufacturers need reliable, intelligent robots to increase cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality. FANUC America’ Intelligent Robots with integrated vision and force sensors are designed for a wide range of precision applications including mechanical assembly (clutch, valve, bearing and shaft insertion), material removal, de-racking, bin picking and material handling.

What to expect from Engine Assembly robots

Traditional robots are not able to do these kinds of operations. FANUC America' Intelligent Robots work accurately and effectively because they are specifically designed for a wide-range of precision applications, perfect for engine assembly. Featuring vision and force sensing capabilities, the family of six-axis Intelligent Robots is easy to program and operate with the latest iPendant featuring an integrated Web browser and optional Touch Panel screen. The series includes a standard FANUC robot, FANUC force and/or vision sensor and advanced process software. Using this technology, FANUC America’ will improve engine assembly through:

  • High Accuracy Robots to ensure quality results every time.
  • High Speed Robots to increase productivity and reduce time to market.
  • Integrated Motion Control to accurately regulate both position and velocity of robotic positioning.
  • Robot Vision Systems able to replace multiple mechanical tools.
  • Vision-Guided Robots for accurate solutions to common problems associated with assembly lines.
  • Flexible Manufacturing to meet the ever-changing demands of our diverse clientele.
  • Custom-Machine Designers to provide a unique level of quality and service for every client.

With our team of experts, FANUC America provides cutting-edge solutions for the best in engine assembly.