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Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Robots

FANUC America is the leader in robotic solutions today, with over 250,000 of our units in operation worldwide. Our high-quality, versatile robots are functional in nearly every industrial field, including our Welding and Laser Application Robots, which offer competitive machine uptimes, payloads, speeds, cost and flexibility to any other robot.  One of the areas our multi-capable robots can provide a high-quality robotic solution for you is in gas metal arc welding (GMAW).

Gas metal arc welding, also known as Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, is a process where an electric arc is created between a consumable bare wire electrode and the workpiece, which constantly melts the wire as it’s being fed to the weld puddle. The inert gas, or gas mixture, shields the weld metal from the outside atmosphere.


The M-20iA is one of the robotic solutions produced by FANUC capable of gas metal arc welding. It can improve machine productivity by as much as 30 percent, as well as minimize installation time and startup expense, for maximum cost-effectiveness, flexibility, reliability, and efficiency.  The M-16iB is capable, however, of much more than GMAW—it is also capable of:

  • Dispensing
  • Material Handling
  • Assembly
  • Material removal
  • Machine tending/part transfer
  • Palletizing/Packing/Picking

Like all of our robots, the M-20iA is not only versatile, but comes guaranteed by our free 24/7 product support service, to make sure of maximum functionality.  Some other arc welding robots produced by FANUC include:

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