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  Gel Coating The industrial world today strives for improvements in efficiency, as well as the highest levels of manufacturing and maintenance of products. The easiest way to solve this problem is by eliminating the highest risk in the creation process, human error. That is where FANUC comes in. The robotic solutions provided by FANUC can eliminate a multitude of problems that would normally exist.

One of the services FANUC robots can provide is gel coating. In this process, coating robots apply a thin layer of a gel product on a composite material that results in a colored, glossy finish. While gel coating obviously improves the appearance of the product, it also provides protection from UV rays and water damage.

Why are Robots Better?

Robots provide multiple areas of improvement in comparison to normal factory workers because:

  • They are more efficient when using materials like gel coats, and therefore save around 35% more material
  • They eliminate a variety of physical injuries that can result from the production process
  • They work faster because they can’t get tired or fatigued
  • They are more consistent and precise when performing tasks such as gel coating

FANUC has multiple work solution robots that provide various applications. They are able to apply the attributes listed above to other processes including:

  • Polishing
  • Washing
  • Deburring
  • Grinding

When these important tasks can be optimized, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? FANUC is your solution to efficiency, speed, and waste problems.