FANUC America Corporation

High Accuracy Robot

FANUC America produces high accuracy and the highest quality robots. FANUC robots are easy to operate and can improve your production, productivity and process through its high speed and accuracy positioning. FANUC America’ vision-guided robots increase accuracy and speed. The vision guided robots use precise object location and orientation location data to accommodate a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D robot guidance applications. In addition to the accuracy provided, vision software provides a variety of part identification, inspection, and measurement tools that handle many other common vision machine tasks. Circle grid calibration processes allow the user to calibrate a vision camera in a matter of minutes. Perspective calibration compensates for pixel aspect, lens distortion and camera angle.

Password protection on the vision software prevents access to vision setup utilities such as calibration and part training. Standard FANUC encoder provides accurate pulse count for reliable linear or circular tracking. High-speed trigger signal interface and high-speed scanning allow tracking of parts moving at speeds of 1 meter/sec. (is 1 meter/sec. accurate?) Because of FANUC adaptable vision-guided qualities the robots can be used in many different robotic process solutions and applications such as machine loading, material handling, visual tracking and packing, de-palletizing, assembly, racking or de-racking, of panels and frames and verification and measurements.

Find out how FANUC America high accuracy and vision guided machines can solve your robotic process solutions.