FANUC America Corporation

High Speed Robots
  FANUC America continues to increase flexibility and speed in our industrial robots to help you increase productivity, reduce time to market, and gain a critical advantage over your competition. FANUC is the leader in intelligent robot solutions offering high speed robots that do not sacrifice precision, repeatability, payload capacity or flexibility.

For example, the FANUC M-410iB series of industrial robots is a perfect solution for industrial automation jobs that require high-speed and performance. With 4 axes of motion and a robotic payload capacity that ranges from 160 kg to 450 kg, the M-410iB series can efficiently perform a variety of applications, including machine tending and part transfer, material handling, and robotic palletizing. The M-410iB series has the fast cycle times and highest payload capacity in its class, and its performance offers higher throughput, Its small robot footprint means less floor space is required, while an impressive robot work envelope (robotic arm reach of up to 3143mm) means it has the ability to work on multiple production lines.

The FANUC ArcMate 100iC series of electric servo-driven arc welding robots is designed for precise, high-speed welding and cutting. Its compact and flexible design maximizes reach capability and its reduced wrist size allows it to consistently create quality welds in confined spaces. The extremely fast wrist axis decreases air cut times and improves throughput.

Our innovation in high-speed robots continues. FANUC America’ new M-430iA/2F high-speed, intelligent picking robot is designed to handle primary food and packaged products. Designed specifically for food washdown environments, the M-430iA/2F food robot is capable of picking products at speeds up to 120 cycles per minute on a continuous basis while using visual line tracking. In addition, the new robot is compact, and can be mounted in a variety of positions including floor, wall or invert, which maximizes flexibility for tight workspaces.

One reason why FANUC’s industrial robot models can operate at high speeds without loosing accuracy is the software systems used to enhance the robot designs.  The SYSTEM R-J3iC intelligent robot control system provides precise motion control and consistent performance. FANUC can also add robot vision software that uses visual line tracking that allows material handling robots to pick randomly located parts from a moving conveyor. Robotic visual line tracking promotes a robotic arm’s flexibility to handle multiple pieces on the same automation line, thereby reducing changeover time and eliminating the need for costly fixtures.

Our high speed robots can increase your throughput without compromising on accuracy or strength. To see our full line of high-speed robots with high payload capacity, search the robot application zone for the robot that does the perfect job for your production. You can also contact us for CAD drawings or for more information on the high speed robot that interests you.