FANUC America Corporation

Intelligent Robot Solutions
  FANUC Robotic excels in the creation and distribution of intelligent robot solutions. In factory automation, intelligent robots can improve productivity, increase product quality and improve competitiveness. An intelligent robot is a skillful combination of a manipulator, sensors and controls. Currently the industries that are using them have expanded to include outer space, medicine, hazardous materials, and defense applications, to name a few. Typical applications of intelligent robots are line tracking for part assembly, line tracking for part picking and packing, bin picking, precision assembly, , precise seam welding robots, robot de-palletizing of shifted pallets, part placement, part location, and part insertion.

FANUC America now manufacturers integrated vision and robotic systems. For industrial robots to be intelligent and adapt to new situations, sensors are needed for part location, orientation, size and shapes, and sensors. Visual guidance gives the robots additional adaptability to industrial robots. Intelligent robots provide effective mobility functions that enable robots to move autonomously and to interact with environments by using innovative technologies, such as path planning, map building, localization, mobile mechanism, and obstacle avoidance.

Intelligent robots have similar characteristics to humans because of their human-robot interface functions. In addition, we provide functions that enable robots to adapt to variable environments and cope effectively with unexpected situations through developing new technologies in self-learning, judgment and behavior. To be a part of the future wave of automation, learn more about FANUC Robotics intelligent robotics solutions.