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Intelligent Robots – FANUC Robotics

FANUC America has been the pioneer and industry standard in Intelligent Robotics. FANUC robots can perform tasks that traditional robots cannot. These intelligent robots can be programmed to take actions or make choices based on input from integrated sensors to perform tasks like part handling, error proofing, avoiding collisions, and inspecting products. Intelligent Robots are characterized by the ability to autonomously plan and execute motion sequences to achieve a goal specified by a human user without detailed instructions. The advantage is that Intelligent Robots are operated via iPendant, with integrated Web browser and optional touch-panel screen. The series includes robot, force and/or vision sensor, and process software. Equipped with 3-D laser vision sensor, these robots can pick components and assemble them to subassembly in any orientation. Applications include mechanical assembly, material removal, deracking, and bin picking.

More about FANUC’s intelligent robots

  • The Intelligent Robot is available with a wide range of reach and payload capabilities to meet a variety of application requirements. These robots feature vision and force sensing capabilities.Also the family of six-axis Intelligent Robots is easy to program and operate with the latest iPendant featuring an integrated Web browser and optional Touch Panel screen. The series also includes a standard FANUC robot, FANUC force and/or vision sensor, and advanced process software.
  • Intelligent Robots are simple to use: simple data setup menus for force control and standard teach pendant programming for application development make the Intelligent Robots simple to operate. iPendant uses multiple color touch screen window interfaces to allow the user to simultaneously display robot program, force setup, and real-time force/moment information during production operations.
  • Safe to Operate - Intelligent Robots are compliant with RIA 15.06 safety standards. Low speeds teach mode switch and dual channel E-STOP interface make these Intelligent Robots safe to operate in a production environment.

FANUC provides functions that enable robots to adapt to variable environments and cope effectively with unexpected situations through developing new technologies in self-learning, judgment and behavior. To be a part of the future wave of automation, learn more about FANUC America Intelligent robotics solutions.