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Automation in a laboratory setting can be cost and time effective and help immeasurably in productivity. FANUC Robotics has designed highly compact robots that fit easily into any mini/microenvironment. These robots are highly precise in their movements and are water and dust resistant, making them the perfect laboratory assistant in automation.

At FANUC, you can find laboratory robots to suit all of your lab automation needs. This includes the LR Mate 200iC robot which is specifically designed to assist with lab machine tending in the drug discovery lab environment. This robot offers:

  • Clean-room robot
  • Open air controller
  • Lab robot software
  • Six axis modular construction
  • Easy to use software
  • 5 kg payload capacity
To learn more about this robot and other similar robots, visit our material removal robots page.

Clean-room Robots
Having clean-room robots is essential because they defend against laboratory contamination. At FANUC, we have clean room options for:

If you are looking for a small clean room robot that is ideal for the laboratory, visit the LR Mate 200iC page to learn more. With this model, you can safely handle vials, plates, and other sensitive materials within a laboratory setting.

Handling Sensitive Materials
Here at FANUC we understand that certain clients have a variety of needs when it comes to load/unload samples from a laboratory machine and transfer samples between machines. We are partnered with Thermo Fisher. The need for greater functionality is particularly true when it comes to pharmaceutical products and electronic devices. At FANUC, we have developed robots with a high degree of functionality to effectively handle even the most sensitive of items. Visit our material handling robots page to learn more about what we have to offer and how an industrial robot can help your business.