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Laser Cutting – FANUC America
  Laser cutting and welding are both extremely precise processes.  As such, many businesses are considering laser cutting robots to help them with these processes. This way, business can be certain to receive the precise results the cutting industry requires. With FANUC America, you will find a variety of cutting robots and welding robots designed for a variety of cutting projects.

Using Arc Welding Robots

FANUC Robotics offers a variety of different arc welding, including the Arc Welding Solution Arm. This arm is different from conventional robotic torch configurations because it offers:

  • Maximizing the robot’s usable work envelope
  • Eliminating torch to arm interference
  • Optimizing circular welding
  • Stabilizing wire feeding

FANUC also offers a DualARM System and many other robots for arc welding and laser cutting.

Using Spot Welding Robots

FANUC Robotics also has many robots for spot welding.  Some of these robots can be used for both arc welding and spot welding, while others are specifically designed just for spot welding applications.

The F-200iB series is designed for sub-compact robot welding as well as pedestal welding It can also be used for several other applications, including:

  • Part loading and positioning
  • Nut running
  • Vehicle lifting and locating
  • Flexible fixturing
  • Material removal
  • Dispensing

FANUC Robotics offers a number of robots that are ideal for laser cutting and welding. Our experts will work closely with you to make certain you obtain the robot to best suit your needs.  To learn more about available welding and laser cutter robots, visit our Welding/Laser Robots page.