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Laser Welding Robots – FANUC Robotics

Designed for high speed cutting and welding, FANUC America is the standard in laser welding robots. FANUC America’ solutions offer the highest results in performance, repeatability and productivity, FANUC is the leading manufacturer of arc-welding, spot welding and laser processing robots. Six axis robotic arms are an effective addition, allowing them to reach the most confined spaces while still performing high speed welding with consistent path performance. The benefits of Laser Welding robots include:

  • Highest motion speeds to maximize productivity
  • Best in class status in reach versus stroke ratio
  • A compact design that simplifies the initialization and transportation
  • Fast wrist axes to reduce air cut time
  • A large work envelope for large parts of complex tooling

With sealed bearings and drives and the integral utilities, including gas/air lines and a wire feed motor cable that is routed inside the robot arm, improved reliability is achieved. Compatibility is also a hallmark of FANUC laser welding robots. FANUC laser welding robots are compatible with all major welding equipment brands. The arc welding laser robots offer intuitive control over their performance through the use of application specific hard keys. FANUC America have integrated and installed hundreds of systems throughout the world. Many manufacturers use more than one welding robot to decrease production time while adding a material handling robot to increase accuracy, and reduce costs per unit. These multiple welding robots can increase arc density while working closely together without interference. FANUC welding robot cells are designed to operate in confined spaces. This allows the welding robots to reach places where automation systems cannot effectively perform, as well as offering improved quality and effective consistency over manual welding.