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Plasma Welding – FANUC Robotics

Welding is an important step in the manufacturing process for many industries. In order to create a high-quality product, you need to have a perfect weld every time. With the help of welding robots available through FANUC, you can replace manual welders to achieve a greater level of efficiency and consistency.

Arc Welding Robots

If you want to gain more control with the arc welding process, you need to utilize plasma welding techniques. With the welding robots available through FANUC, you can do just that.

Products such as the ARC Mate 120iC are able to complete a number of welding applications. These include:

  • TIG (GTAW)
  • Plasma (PAW)
  • Plasma Cutting (PAC)

This particular ARC welding robot was designed to offer you with a compact design that has a versatile range of operation and reach. Visit the ARC welding page to learn more about this model as well as other available ARC welding robots.

Spot Welding Robots

The FANUC spot welders are great in manufacturing and automotive process applications. The capabilities of many of these machines include:

  • Part loading / positioning
  • Vehicle lift and locate
  • Material removal
  • Dispensing

Visit the spot welding robots page to learn more about this robot and other similar robots. You can also contact us to learn more about what we have to offer or to receive help with selecting the robot to best suit your individual needs.