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Sand Core Assembly – FANUC America
  Sand core assembly can be a costly and difficult process. With the help of a sand core assembler, however, this process can be simplified and costs can be reduced.

Making Assembly of Sand Cores Easier

FANUC America offers robots that are specifically designed to make the assembly process simpler and more cost-effective.  The R-2000iB/165 FoundryPRO, for example, offers a number of benefits such as: 

  • Six axis technology
  • The ability to hold 100-210 kg
  • Slim assembly to reduce interference with equipment
  • Compact size
  • Minimal components

The wide range of motion and sleek design offered by this assembler makes it a great choice for many sand core assembling applications.

Utilizing Robotic Vision Technology

The FoundryPRO robots available from FANUC America also come equipped with iRVision® (built-in robot vision). This system allows the robots to “see” what they are doing and to make intelligent decisions regarding sand core assembly.  Some of the capabilities of the vision system include:

  • Locating the base core robot from a moving conveyor belt
  • Communicating the base core position of the robot
  • Picking up and assembling side cores to the base core on a moving conveyor

Since FoundryPRO robots are exposed to harsh environments, they are rated IP67  which means they offer a comprehensive harsh environment protection package. Although our robots are of the highest quality and designed to reduce potential downtime, the harsh environment protection package helps to further reduce the chances of a costly equipment breakdown.

FANUC America offers a wide range of assembly robots for a variety of applications.  To learn more, visit the Assembly Robots page.