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  SCARA Robots are a unique design for industrial assembly robots. SCARA, which stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm, offer 4 axis of motion and can move within an X-Y-Z coordinated work envelop. Generally, SCARA Robots perform the last act in an assembly process where the last step in the process is a single vertical move. For this reason, SCARA Robots are mostly credited for “vertical assembly”.

SCARA Robots Applications
Compared with other industrial robot designs, SCARA robots are known for being limited in their directions, including a high rigidity in the Z direction. This strict compliance in motion allows SCARA robots to operate faster than other industrial robots with more flexible automation designs. For this reason, SCARA robots are primarily used in automated assembly, as well as “pick and place” applications, where the machine move relatively heavy components from one bin to another work station. Nevertheless, this perceived strength negates a primary purpose manufacturers have found useful in robotic automation. By only utilizing four-axis motion, SCARA robots are limited as a flexible automation system and may only be used in specific applications.

Intelligent Solutions
FANUC America has the intelligent robot solutions that provides the speed and strengths of comparable SCARA robots without discounting the benefits of a flexible automation system. FANUC America is the world’s leading supplier of industrial robotic systems, with six degrees of freedom. This greatly increases automated robotic system capabilities, changing from one work station to another with limited downtime or completing changing applications, from an assembly robot to material handling robots to a robotic painting system. This allows your factory to quickly change production process and take the competitive advantage.

Think LEAN
FANUC introduces the LR MATE 200iC, the next generation of industrial robots to perform a variety of applications, including:

The LR MATE 200iC outperforms SCARA robots because it offers the

  • Highest Speed Motion
  • Lightest Weight
  • Flexible Mounting
  • Reliability
  • Highest Payload
  • Best Work Envelope

If you are researching SCARA robots for your production process, then know their limitations. The LR MATE 200iC is an efficient and accurate solution to your automated systems. Request a datasheet about the LR MATE 200iC or review our other intelligent robot solutions.