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Spot Welding Solution – FANUC Robotics

In many instances, welding tasks are too complicated for basic robotic solutions. The reason is that most basic robotic solutions cannot manage welding parts of varying sizes, hard to reach locations, and differing materials. If your company performs in a dynamic environment with sophisticated and unique parts, FANUC America’ can provide the perfect solution. Our cutting edge technology enables our Robots to perform in the most demanding environments.

How FANUC Spot Welding robots excel

Our Spot Welding robots are designed to offer the utmost in flexibility. These robotic solutions utilize fast wrist axes to minimize aircut times and maximize productivity. Furthermore, its six-axis modular construction and electric servo driven robot design enables FANUC Spot Welding robots to perform at highly accurate and consistent levels. FANUC America’ prides itself at providing quality robotic solutions that deliver results. With our solutions you can expect the following:

  • Fast integration into work flow
  • Superior flexibility in performance
  • Compact design, requiring minimum floor space
  • Low cost
  • High quality robotic solution
  • High productivity with implementation

Each of these returns was noted by a major automotive company upon implementing our robotic solution. Please read our automotive case study for further details about how our spot welding improved the workflow at this company.

Spot Welding Robots excel in their trade due to their intelligent design and sophisticated software. Because all of our welding/laser robots use vision software, movements are guided and precise. Having robotic vision is cost efficient since it eliminates time for the robot to reorient or find targets correctly. If you need a robot that can accommodate your various welding needs, FANUC America’ spot welding solution is the answer for you.