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TIG Welding

Welding robots allow for improved efficiency and consistent results. This is important in manufacturing because saving time and minimizing errors means cost effectiveness. FANUC Robotics provides multiple types of welding robots, including arc welding and spot welding robots. Arc welding robots can perform TIG welding.

TIG or tungsten inert gas welding involves the use of a tungsten electrode to heat the targeted metal, while a high-powered stream of gas prevents any contaminants from interfering with the weld puddle. Some of the great benefits of TIG welding include:

  • Results in clean, high quality welds
  • It can weld more types of metal than any other process
  • Argon gas can be used to TIG weld any type of metal
  • You can TIG weld in any position

As a result, TIG welding is one of the most popular and efficient welding processes that exist today. That’s why FANUC has multiple quality robots that can TIG weld and eliminate human error while maximizing speed and accuracy.

ARC Mate 100iC

While FANUC has several welding robots, the ARC Mate 100iC stands out from the rest. This robot crushes the competition with its excellent precision, high-speed operating abilities, and easy-to-use nature. Also, the ARC Mate 100iC is special because it can do so much more than arc welding, including:

  • Material Handling and Removal
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Dispensing and transferring
  • Loading/Unloading Machines

For assured quality, time saving and efficiency, make sure FANUC America is your supplier for all your robotic solutions.