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Transmission Assembly

In the world of automotive design production, engine and transmission assembly are processes that demand a flexible, highly capable production method.  When considering an appropriate robot for transmission assembly, a FANUC Six Axis articulated robot will prove itself far superior to the traditional SCARA or Cartesian models due to improved flexibility, enhanced capability, speed and cost parity.

The Six Axis Advantage
The Six Axis system designed by FANUC will provide your company the competitive edge in assembly. Among some of the advantages of a FANUC Six Axis robot are:

  • iRVision Ready- an integrated, ready-to-use system, requiring only camera and cable
  • High speed functionality, including superior installation versatility
  • FREE 24/7 technical support from our multilingual call center
  • FANUC reliability-backed by our 25-year reputation of success
  • Flexibility-to meet a variety of industrial material needs

LR Mate Series Advancements
Some of the FANUC robots which most excel at assembly are the LR Mate Series, a series of tabletop robots that offer the following competitive advantages:

  • 5 to 6 degrees of movement
  • Maximum 5 kg payload at wrist
  • Robot can flip over backwards, enlarging work envelope
  • Large wrist movements and increased inertias for realistic EOATs and workpieces
  • Pneumatic and electrical (6 DI) connections for EOAT on J4

A Range of Robotics Solutions
FANUC robotics provides a transmission assembly line the advantage of adaptability to post-installation changes, as well as the iRVision sensor, which eliminates the need for a third-party vision system. Using robots will provide a manufacturer with a reliable, single-component assembly tool that boasts over 80,000 hours of operation between device malfunction.  Some additional robotic solutions provided by FANUC America are:

  • M-6iB Series
  • M-16-iB Series
  • M-420iA Series
  • M-710iB Series
Save your company time and production costs produced by unnecessary manual labor or failure-prone hard automation. Contact FANUC robotics today for more information about our transmission assembly solutions.