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Vision and Welding and Vision Offset – FANUC Robotics

Performing manufacturing tasks requires high levels of precision. Most robotic solutions are unable to perform these duties quickly and effectively due to their lack of robotic vision. At FANUC, we offer robotic solutions with vision systems for robot guidance to streamline your workflow for vision and welding processes.

By equipping FANUC robots with FANUC America’ Windows based vision and vision offset programs, robots are able to distinguish trained targets by differentiating size, contrast, and other positional qualities. Our method is simple. The target part is trained at the same height that the robot searches for parts; this provides the best opportunity to find parts, since the size and contrast will be most accurate. The process also includes providing vision offset data to the robot, allowing the robotic solution to function with a high degree of precision. This ability to effectively locate an object is essential in numerous manufacturing processes.

Welding Solutions

Welding is one area where our vision equipped robots excel. Successful companies need robots that can rapidly reorient their weld torch, saving time and maximizing throughput. FANUC America’ Windows based vision program allows welding robots to choose appropriate targets, saving time and avoiding costly errors. By inputting vision offset data, welding robots unerringly reorient to the proper welding location.

FANUC America’s vision systems are valuable in a variety of tasks. Our vision equipped robotic solutions provide the following returns:

  • Increased labor speed
  • Precision work performance
  • Reduced errors in object location
  • The ability to differentiate objects

Our vision and welding robots are cutting edge solutions that can improve any company’s workflow. Please visit our Welding/Laser Robots page for more information on how welding robots integrate our vision software to improve productivity.