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Robots With Waterborne Bell Applicators

FANUC America is North America’s leading supplier of robotic solutions. Our versatile robots have sold more than 250,000 units altogether worldwide, and our company inventory has expanded. With all that, it’s no wonder that FANUC recently celebrated its 26th anniversary and looks forward to an even brighter future as a pioneer in robotic solutions. One of the areas FANUC America has led industry innovation is in the realm of painting and dispensing.

Waterborne bell applicators in particular can greatly increase transfer efficiency, improve quality, and cut material usage by 20%-35% over electrostatic spray gun applicators. Waterborne bell applicators can greatly cut costs while improving flexibility by achieving color match with one- and two-coat process and has proven itself effective in achieving coverage in interior cut-in painting. One of the devices developed by FANUC America specifically for use with waterborne bell applicators is the Servobell Paint Applicator.  The Servobell Paint Applicator can be supplemented by FANUC America’ SpeedDock Color Change Station.

Should you still desire conventional electrostatic spray guns, FANUC offers the Versabell, designed for high performance robotic bell spray applications.

A Variety of Painting Solutions

Some of the other painting robots offered by FANUC include

  • P-10
  • P-50i
  • P-500
  • P-200F System

FANUC also offers complete robotic solutions for coating, dispensing and sealing, including:

  • M-16iB Series
  • M-6iB Series
  • M-710iC Series
  • M-900iA Series

For additional information on these or any other of our robot models, please contact FANUC today.