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Weld Data Monitor Software

FANUC America is one of the industry leaders in producing new, versatile robots to help improve factory flexibility, boost product quality, eliminate labor redundancy, and cut costs. Our reputation for product quality has helped our over industrial robot models sell 250,000+ units altogether worldwide, and should you have any reliability concerns or functionality issues, every robot is backed up by our free 24/7 technical support services. Our robots also come with FANUC America SMART Centers and a network of system integrators to help manufacturers successfully and maximally utilize their robots to their full potential.

One of the specialties FANUC America provides solutions for is welding, either spot welding or arc welding. For arc welding, FANUC innovated the DualARM System, which allows two robots and a positioner to be controlled in a single program with coordinated motion and arc start synchronization. The DualARM system combines two ARC Mate robots (either the 100iC Series or the 120iC) and FANUC’s weld data monitor software.

Welding Software

Some other examples of FANUC’s integrated welding software include:

  • ArcTool, a user-friendly software package designed to simplify and standardize the setup and operation of FANUC robot arc welding applications.
  • Through Arc Seam Tracking (TAST), which automatically adjusts vertical and lateral trajectory to compensate for part warping or misplacement.
  • TorchMate 3 Software, which provides a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for automatic adjustment of Tool Center Point, and automatically compensates for torch barrels becoming bent or contact tips wearing out, increasing uptime.

FANUC Robotics offers much more than just machines to equip you with a robotic solution. Our integrated software and support can greatly increase your efficiency, improve your weld data collection and maximize productivity.  Contact FANUC today for more information.