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Weld Positioner Controller and Support Software

FANUC America is the premier robotic solutions provider in North America.  Our robot models have sold more than 250,000 individual units worldwide. We recently celebrated our 26th year in business, and our long history of providing robotic solutions is only overshadowed by the outlook for more of our cutting-edge products. We pride ourselves on the versatility of our robots, especially in the area of welding and laser applications.  Welding can include either spot or arc welding, but in either one, having the correct weld position is absolutely vital. That’s why FANUC offers software and specified robotic solutions to enable maximum accuracy for your projects.

For accurate weld positioning, FANUC offers the following hardware alternatives:

System R-30iA Controller

The System R-30iA Controller is the result of advanced technology and a proven, reliable, and efficient design. Open architecture and process capability simplify system integration while providing intelligence for improving application as well as motor performance. Some of the advantages the System R-30iA Controller boasts include:

  • Ability to manage up to 40 axes using FANUC motors
  • Unique “plug-in options” concept, allowing for application specific flexibility while maintaining system-wide commonality
  • Enhanced vibration control
  • Integrated 2-D vision system, easily upgradable to 3-D
  • Backed up by our free 24/7 customer support system

FANUC weld positioner robots are supplemented by our own FANUC-developed software, which makes easy integration and seamless user application.  For more information, please contact FANUC today.