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FANUC Robotics’ intelligent robots offer manufacturers and suppliers a competitive advantage in painting and coating applications. Our products and solutions change the game in paint applications and offer innovative and cost effective solutions compared to manual processes or hard automation. A combination of the world’s most reliable robots, deepest portfolio of software and controls, and the strongest support and integration network help manufacturers maximize profitability.

FANUC Robotics has a full range of robots for a complete solution. Designed to maximize your flexibility with built-in machine vision - iRVision. They offer high-speed operation to increase your productivity. FANUC robots also handle a wide variety of packaged or unpackaged products. We have the widest range of products in the industry.

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FANUC Robotics offers:
  • Global Technical Center for Paint Shop Automation
  • Highest Robotic Market Share in North America
  • 25 Years in Robotic Painting
  • Paint Products Designed, Manufactured, Integrated, and Serviced in North America
  • Employees Dedicated to Paint Applications
  • Over 2000 Paint Robots in Industrial Applications
  • Over 8000 Paint Robots Market Wide Since 1982
  • Complete Support Network
Markets served:
  • Aerospace
  • Alternative Energy
  • Automotive Component
  • Composites
  • Construction Equipment
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Farm Equipment
  • Heavy Truck
  • Leisure
  • Recreational
  • Solar
  • Wind Energy
Core Competencies:
  • 2K Paints
  • Adhesive Applications
  • CARC & Camouflage Paints
  • EMI/RF Shielding
  • Gel Coat / FRP Chop
  • Hard Coat Paint
  • Liquid Paints
  • Porcelain Glaze
  • Powder Coating
  • Sealer/Dispenser
  • Soft Touch Paint
  • Urethane Dispensing

The industries largest paint robot provides the best solution for demanding paint and coating applications. The large payload capability, 15kg on the arm and 15kg on the wrist, and integrated process motors enable arm mounted process equipment for fast color change and precise fluid control while using the latest applicator technology. The robot can be floor, wall or invert mount providing excellent range of motion.

P-250iA Series Datasheet

This mid-size compact paint robot offers hollow wrist design with a payload capable of painting with manifold mounted spray guns and rotary atomizers. The available two arm lengths and versatile mounting make this an economical choice for smaller parts painting.

P-50iA Datasheet

A small arm variant in the P-250 series paint robot, this mid size robot provides an affordable option when the larger robot features are not required. The 10 kg payload, 1000/1000 arm lengths, integrated process motors, and floor, wall, or invert mount make this a perfect choice for parts painting.

P-250iA Series Datasheet

The P-250 floor rail increases the robot envelope for large part painting. Two styles of carriages, clean wall or in booth, provide flexibility in mounting, perfect for either new or exiting booths. Various lengths are available and can be used with either the long or short arm P-250 robot to match you application.

P-250iA Series Datasheet

The elevated rail with the P-250iA/15 provides a large work envelope, the complete motion range of the P-250 reaching both sides of the rail as well as elbow up and down configurations. The large reach meets the needs for large parts like boats and wind blades with ease while the raised rail keeps the floor area open for easier viewing and part conveyance. Multiple rail lengths and post designs are available.

P-250iA Series Datasheet

The compact painter offers two arm lengths for small parts painting. The perfect solution for chain on edge paint systems eliminating multiple spray guns or reciprocating guns. This robot changes the game in simple paint operations with the low cost, precise motions, and process control.

Paint Mate 200iA Datasheet