FANUC America Corporation

Introducing the new CR-35iA
Collaborative Robot

The world's only collaborative robot with a 35 kg payload

Collaborate | /kəˈlabəˌrāt/ |
work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

Well said, dictionary writers.

Hello. My name is CR-35iA, and I’m the first-ever force limited Collaborative Robot from FANUC – The world’s leader in industrial robotics and automation. While you won’t find my picture next to the word “collaborate” in the dictionary (not yet, anyway), I was born out of the spirit of collaboration. I’m the first industrial robot of my kind - able to work along side of your human employees without the need for fencing, with the ability to lift and move heavy objects up to 35 kg.

At first glance you'll notice the differences between me and the rest of my FANUC robot family: I'm green. I have a soft shell. I'm not surrounded by a safety fence. However, we do share similarities: I'm extremely reliable. I’m well liked by people because I can perform a variety of repetitive tasks and heavy lifting, helping to free people up to do other jobs. Finally, just like all FANUC robots, I’m designed to help increase manufacturers’ productivity, product quality and profitability.

Although I'm the first of my kind in FANUC's 40+ year history of industrial robots, deep down I'm still part of the same family - The industry's widest range of industrial robots in the world... and growing! Learn about the rest of my family, here.

FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot - Highlights

My name is CR-35iA

I'm not just the first force limited Collaborative Robot from FANUC, I’m a world first, too. Why? Because I combine unrivaled strength with outstanding safety to make interactive robot/human collaboration possible for a much wider range of applications. Bottom line: I'm the only Collaborative Robot in the world that can lift heavy objects, up to 35 kg.

I'm green, because..

...I'm different! In contrast to yellow FANUC robots, my green color lets everyone know I’m designed to work side by side with humans, and don't require a fence! That frees up a lot of valuable floor space and cuts costs. I have highly sensitive contact sensing technology and soft outer skin, so you don't have to worry about bumping into me. I'll gently stop if we come into contact while I'm working, and you can always feel free to give me a push if I'm in the way. My ISO 10218-1:2011 safety certification is proof that we can share a workspace.

I'm unique, because..

...unlike other Collaborative Robots, I'm the first of our kind to handle heavy payloads. In fact I was developed specifically to help manufacturers solve ergonomic challenges by handling applications that are physically demanding for humans, such as heavy lifting. Have a manufacturing application that requires picking up randomly located parts? I can lift up to 35 kg, and can be equipped with any of FANUC's state-of-the-art vision systems so I can "see" what I'm picking up.

I'm a great team player

I love working alongside humans on production lines or partnering with them on manufacturing applications such as machine tending, handling heavy payloads that require lift assist devices or custom equipment, higher payload mechanical assembly, palletizing or packing, and tote or carton handling. The great news is I'm currently in production and ready to work for you! Contact a human FANUC team member today, who will be happy to tell you more about me.