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Laboratory Robots & Pharmaceutical Industry Robots

Pharmaceutical Robots

For decades, FANUC America has been the leading and most trusted supplier of industrial robots for pharmaceutical manufacturing. We provide a full range of solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry including robots for sorting, picking, packaging and assembly.

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Sorting Different Colored Pills with the FANUC M-1iA Robot

Pharmaceutical Robots & Laboratory Robots
Part Transfer
Case Studies
Automated Bottling System Handles Nine Different Bottle Types, Requires No Mechanical Setup
Automated Medical Test Kit Manufacturing with FANUC Assembly Robots - Courtesy of IDS
Casepacking Pharmaceutical Cartons
FANUC LR Mate 200iC Robot Used in Laboratory Data Collection
FANUC M-1iA Robots Used in a Pharmaceutical Application to Transfer Vials of Liquid
FANUC M-1iA Sorts Pills by Color Using Robot Vision System - FANUC iRVision
FANUC Pharmaceutical Robot Used to Sort Dental Syringes By Barcode
FANUC Robotics' M-3iA Intelligent Picking Robot
Handling Robot Picks & Sorts Wires for Welding
Industrial Robot Path Planning Made Easy with FANUC Robotics Constant Path
Introducing the M-1iA Delta Robot
Packaging Robot Packs Healthcare Products into Boxes - Courtesy of Flexicell
Pill Picking Robot Sorts Pills By Color, Excellent Solution for Pharmaceutical Applications
Placing Foam Pads on Insulin Pumps
Robot Sorts Pills of Different Colors
Robot Unloads Diagnostic Testing Kits
Robotic Insulin Picking from a Pallet
Robotic Packaging Solutions
Robotic Test Tube Tray Loading
Robotically Automated Case Packing System - Courtesy of Schneider Packaging
Technical Articles
Benefits of Flexible Part Feeding
Delta Robots Improve Highly Repetitive Tasks
Error Proofing Using iRVision
Reducing Cycle Time in Industrial Robotic Applications
Save Your Factory ~ Enhancing the Re-Shore Initiative
Smooth Robot Motion using Constant Path
Utilizing Force Sensors in Your Robotic Applications