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Robotic Vision and Robot Intelligence | FANUC America

FANUC America Intelligent Solutions

While other robot suppliers rely on third-party companies for their vision solutions, FANUC America
has a team of engineers dedicated to developing integral robotic vision products. These products provide a
level of performance, reliability and cost effectiveness unmatched by third-party solutions.
iRVision - one of FANUC America' many intelligent robot solutions.

2D Vision Guidance

  • The 2D guidance product can accurately move the robot to the location of your part, removing the need for expensive positioning fixtures. The 2D guidance package allows you to easily adapt to part change over, and find the part with accurately in X, Y and Rotation. Like all other iRVision products, the camera is integrated with the robot controller so you do not have to maintain a PC on the factory floor.

LR Mate 200iC error proofing- Small part assembly of engines


3DL Vision Guidance

  • By projecting lasers, the 3DL Sensor provides the ability to quickly find parts position ( X,Y,Z ) and orientation ( W,P,R ).  As with the 2D Guidance package, this positional information allows the robot to pick parts with a high degree of accuracy.

R-2000iB bin picking - Small part assembly of engines


Visual Line Tracking

  • Building on the 2D Guidance platform, the Visual Line Tracking option provides the ability to pick products from a moving conveyor.  An encoder attached to the conveyor provides for speed, position and direction inputs for accurate location of the part.  Like other iRVision products, we manage the detail of coordinating overlapping images and parts, and translate the position of the part on the conveyor with the robot.

M-430iA picking - Small part assembly of engines


Vision Guided Depalletizing

  • Whether picking, packing or (de)palletizing parts, our 2D camera system can leverage the size of parts to determine the Z depth of your parts.  If your parts are repeatable in size, this package will guide the robot in X, Y, Z and Rotation.  

M-410iB palletizing - Small part assembly of engines


Digital Video Monitor (DVM)

If you want to create an image or video archive of your production for traceability requirements – DVM is for you. Digital Video Monitor can also help isolate product variations, and trouble shoot errors.  Event triggers or scheduled timers tell the DVM option when to record.  You can even capture video of events that took place before the signal was received.