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FANUC M-20iA & ARC Mate 100iC Compact Flexible Welding


Two FANUC M-20iA robots with iRVision 3DL find loose brackets in part trays, then pick and attach them to an exhaust assembly. The M-20iA robots manipulate the exhaust system while two ARC Mate 100iC robots simulate coordinated welding of the brackets. The ARC Mate 100iC robot with iRVision Error Proofing checks the brackets for weld seam presence of the weld nuts. This system demonstrates the flexibility of the robot to pick and load the parts onto the assembly, and position and coordinate the welding, which improves quality. Quality control is enhanced through self inspection of the final product, reducing re-work and overall operating costs. All four robots are utilizing the Multi-arm option which allows them to all operate from one CPU and one Pendant. This system demonstrates the simplest and most cost effective tooling solution.


Key Technology Demonstrated


M-20iA Robot

  • 20 kg payload at wrist.
  • Compact size, slim wrist, and small footprint permit operation in tight work spaces.
  • High joint speeds maximize throughput.
  • Built-in Solution Arm, 50 mm hollow wrist and upper arm.
  • 6 degrees of freedom.
  • ± 0.10 mm repeatability.

ARC Mate 100iC Robot

  • Process specific arm protects and minimizes wear of the torch cable.
  • Highest motion speeds in class for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Best in class reach versus stroke ratio.
  • Compact design simplifies installation and transportation of system.
  • Offers an extremely large work envelope useful for large parts or complex tooling.
  • Extremely fast wrist axes reduces aircut times, thus improving throughput.