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Electric Connector Assembly with FANUC M-1iA/0.5A 'Delta-Style' Robot


The FANUC M-1iA/0.5A is a six-axis robot with a unique parallel-link design, making it ideal for the assembly application seen in this video.

In this assembly demonstration, electric connector pins are moved into the robot's work area along an infeed conveyor. These pins are randomly oriented and are visible to the M-1iA robot through a built-in camera that utilizes FANUC Robotics' 2D iRVision. There are two cameras used in this system. The first camera -- mounted on the head of the M-1iA robot - faces downward, and detects the orientation of the randomly located pins on the conveyor. A monitor shows what this camera is seeing.

Once a pin is picked up from the conveyor, the robot presents the end of the pin to a second camera used to find the pin's orientation. This second camera is mounted below the robot work area. Once the pin's orientation is verified, the good pin is placed into an insulated connector assembly.

Through FANUC iRVision, the robot is also able to detect defective pins. If a bad pin is found, the robot does not place the pin into the connector assembly, but instead drops it into a reject pile and continues its work. Once this insulated connector reaches its capacity, the job is complete; so the tray recycles the pins back to the conveyor, and the demonstration starts over.

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M-1iA Robot

M-2000iA Transfer Robot
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