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Heavy Duty FANUC Aerospace Robot Drills & Deburrs A Plane with Pinpoint Accuracy


FANUC Robots are ideal for drilling, grinding, degating and trimming applications that require a high amount of accuracy. Such applications need a solution where the robot maintains its position, so it doesn't move when force is applied. It is critical that the robot remains rigid during motion.

In this video, the new FANUC M-900iB/700 super heavy payload robot demonstrates its capabilities in this drilling operation on a section of an airframe fuselage. To demonstrate the robot's excellent accuracy and rigidity, a laser measurement system is interfaced to this monitor. This display shows that minimal deflection occurs during the drilling process. This demonstration also displays the additional benefit of secondary encoders and deflection compensation software for extremely high-precision applications.

After changing to a deburring tool, the robot deburrs the panel's window using paths that were developed entirely off-line using the "CAD to Path" feature that is available with FANUC's ROBOGUIDE off-line programming software. Dual Check Safety Speed and Position Check Software are also used throughout the demonstration to restrict the travel of the robot to the exact area in which it works.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC M-900iB/700 Robot - (Product Information Sheet)

  • Extremely heavy 700kg payload wrist capacity.
  • Wide motion envelope and outstanding motion performance for large, heavy part handling.
  • Rigid body enables stable transferring of large and heavy workpieces or large reaction force.
  • IP67-equivalent wrist allows for use in severe environments (dust or liquid).
  • Available to integrate with FANUC's latest intelligent features including iRVision.
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