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Painting Robot Applies Fiberglass Chop for Shower Stall


FANUC P-200 RJ3iB with a 7th Axis Rail applies fiberglass chop for a shower stall. A gel coat is first applied to the tub and shower stall. The fiberglass chop is then applied to the tub and shower stall. The robot is able to apply both resin and glass through an integrated closed loop fluid system. This process increases quality and results in a less than 2% weight deviation from part to part. It also achieves at least an 85% accumulative transfer efficiency.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


P-200 Robot

  • Integrated closed loop fluid system controls flow rates for consistent delivery and high finish quality.
  • Software features for accurate applications.
  • Long reach for large parts.
  • Application consistency.
  • Reduces paint waste and color change time.
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