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M-2000iA/900L Auto Body Transfer Robot with M-20iA Seam Seal Application


A pedestal mounted FANUC M-2000iA/900L lifts a car body from an incoming floor conveyor, and moves it to a fixture where four FANUC M-20iA robots will apply sealer.

After the car body has been placed onto the fixture, the FANUC M-20iA robots apply sealer to the under body and wheel wells of the vehicle.

After sealer has been applied, a second floor mounted FANUC M-2000iA lifts the car body from the sealer fixture, rotates it 180 degrees, and places it onto a second fixture. The car is then inspected manually, before being lifted by a third FANUC M-2000iA and placed onto an outgoing floor conveyor.

This array of FANUC M-2000iA resulted in 60% floor space savings over conventional vertical lifters and overhead conveyors along with the reliability of a robot. The flexibility and reliability of the FANUC robots allows for a low maintenance, flexible automation system.

Follow the link to learn more about FANUC Robotics Part Transfer Robots and Machine Tending Robots.


Key Robot Technology Demonstrated


M-2000iA/900L robot

  • M-2000iA/900L standard payload is 900kg
  • M-2000iA/1200 standard payload is 1200 kg with a1350 kg payload option
  • Vertical lifting stroke of 6.2 m (M-2000iA/900L)
  • Rigid arm offers stable transferring of heavy payloads
  • Strongest wrist in the world handles super heavy products with stability
  • Wrist is IP67 protected for operation in harsh environments
  • Built-in iRVision and force sensing
  • Reduces costs associated with fixed automation
  • FANUC Dual Check Safety Software

M-20iA Robot

  • 20 kg payload at wrist.
  • Compact size, slim wrist, and small footprint permit operation in tight work spaces.
  • High joint speeds maximize throughput.
  • Built-in Solution Arm, 50 mm hollow wrist and upper arm.
  • 6 degrees of freedom.
  • ± 0.10 mm repeatability.
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