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Automated Bottling System Handles Nine Different Bottle Types, Requires No Mechanical Setup


FANUC America Authorized Integrator Inventek Engineering developed this unique fully automated, highly flexible automated bottling system to fill and process bottles of multiple sizes and volumes. The system can handle nine different bottle types with no mechanical setup required, and without any part changers. Throughput is a minimum of 20 bottles per minute. Its capabilities include automated filling, tipping, capping, and torqueing along with label application and inspection.


First, a bottle descrambler presents parts to the first LR Mate 200iC robot's iRVision system for identification. The five-axis LR Mate 200iC with integrated iRVision identifies which bottle is being used, then picks and places bottles into the correct nest on the pallet. The pallets are moved smoothly along a servo-driven conveyor to an in-line filling station that consists of a peristaltic pump which fills two bottles simultaneously. A second LR Mate 200iC robot picks and places caps that are fed to the system through a second descrambler onto the filled bottles. A servo-drive chuck then applies the required torque to cap each bottle. Torque data is stored along with other process data, such as fill volumes, and date and time of manufacture. 

At the end of the system, a Universal Label Printer prints labels for application to all round bottles. A third and final 200iC robot is used to provide offload of all bottle types and to load parts to be labeled into the label applicator. Finally, a vision system with two cameras verifies label application and reads 2D matrix codes that contain item and lot number information. 

This innovative bottling system from Inventek leaves a very small footprint -- measuring only 10 by 5 feet -- saving valuable production floor space.

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