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Automated Dispensing System Uses FANUC Robots to Apply Sealant to Automotive Bodies


FANUC America Authorized Integrator Inovision developed this automotive sealing system, which features two FANUC M-20iA robots running SpotTool+ Controller Software for a seam seal dispense application. The material used in this application must be precisely dispensed in order to achieve the required coverage. If the location of the dispenser is off by even a few millimeters the seam will be missed altogether.


The M-20iA robots are consistently able to spray the sealer material in the proper location with the aide of FANUC Robotics' V-500iA/2DV, PC-based vision system. This program positions the pointer in holes on the vehicle's floor plan to demonstrate the accuracy that is required of many applications within the automotive industry.

After the part is moved, the robot path must be offset so that it is played back in the exact same locations. When the program is run again, the four-camera vision system determines the new location of the vehicle and transmits that offset to the robots. The resulting path plays back identical to the one that was originally taught. Inovision's highly-skilled process engineers perform all robot path teaching and setup. They also perform calibration to the dispensers and all vision training.

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