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Automated Labeling System With FANUC LR Mate 200iC Robot - Courtesy of Clear Automation


This automated labeling system has been developed by FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrator Clear Automation to apply labels to liquid cosmetic bottles at a rate of 100 parts per minute.

In the system, the cosmetic bottles travel to the cell along a conveyor in upright pucks. The pucks are fed into the cell by a servo-driven screw that spreads them to match the pitch of a linear indexer. The FANUC LR Mate 200iC robot picks the bottles from the pucks four-at-a-time and lays them horizontally onto the indexer.

At various stations along the travel of the indexer, a label is applied. A batch code is then laser etched and the batch code is vision inspected for readability and accuracy. Bottles that fail the inspection are ejected from the indexer into a reject bin. Good bottles are ejected onto a conveyor to travel downstream to packaging.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC LR Mate 200iC Robot

Automated Labeling System
  • Offers maximum performance in a light, efficient, accurate and nimble (LEAN) package.
  • Meets the automation needs of a variety of industries including electronics, medical devices, food, metals, plastics, and packaged and consumer goods.
  • Its compact design and flexibility to quickly adapt to small lot sizes, new styles and other modifications provides manufacturers an affordable solution for small part, flexible production.
  • The six-axis, LR Mate 200iC robot rates ‘best in class’ for its wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed.
  • Multiple mounting options: floor, tabletop, inside machines, angle and invert, which maximizes flexibility for small and narrow workspaces.
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