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Robotic Machining Center with FANUC LR Mate 200iC - The WS8100 Mate, Courtesy of Automated Cells & Equipment


This video shows the latest in Robotic Machine Tending Automation from Automated Cells & Equipment, the Model WS8100 Mate with the FANUC LR Mate 200iC Robot. An operator opens the zero-clearance doors providing clear access to the included part tooling. The WS8100 Mate features ACE's rapid-adjust tooling with its unique single-bolt lockdown and slide adjustable feature. A radial scale provides visual indication of each tooling setup. Part capacity ranges from one and one-quarter inch, to five and one half inch diameter. After adjusting part tooling to the proper size, the operator loads each set of tooling with raw parts. 

Next, the operator sets up the machine tool and loads the proper part program. The WS8100 Mate is then started. This machining center is offered in both parallel and right angle configurations allowing for front or side entry of the machine tool. The FANUC LR Mate 200iC/5L Robot is ideal for part handling and load/unload of the machine tool. This robot features a 5 kilogram payload and an 892 millimeter reach.

The WS8100 also features an electric lift and reliable indexer, providing repeatable part positioning for robot pick-up. The WS8100 Mate Compact Robot Machine Tender provides affordable robotic automation for your machine tool. Automated Cells & Equipment provides FANUC robots for machine tending, material handling, painting/coating and material handling applications.

Interested in this Automated Machining Center? Follow the link to request a robot quote, or learn more about our full line of innovative Machine Loading Robots.


Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC LR Mate 200iC/5L Long-Arm Robot

ACE Machine Tender WS8100 Mate
  • Offers maximum performance in a light, efficient, accurate and nimble (LEAN) package
  • Meets the automation needs of a variety of industries including electronics, medical devices, food, metals, plastics, and packaged and consumer goods
  • Its compact design and flexibility to quickly adapt to small lot sizes, new styles and other modifications provides manufacturers an affordable solution for small part, flexible production
  • The six-axis, LR Mate 200iC robot rates ‘best in class’ for its wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed
  • Multiple mounting options: floor, tabletop, inside machines, angle and invert, which maximizes flexibility for small and narrow workspaces
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