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FANUC M-2000iA Robotically Automated Storage and Retrieval System


A FANUC M-2000iA/900L robot equipped with iRVision 2D, demonstrates its high capacity payload and long reach in this automated storage and retieval system.

The rigid arm design of the M-2000iA/900L has a 900 kg payload (1,984 lbs) and vertical lifting stroke of 6.2 m for transferring extremely heavy items such as truck, tractor, and automotive frames, and other large castings. The robot uses iRVision to read the 2D barcode on the first of two pallet loads from a conveyor, pick up the load, and transfer it to a large warehouse storage rack.

DCS Speed and Position Check Software restricts the travel of the robot to the exact area in which it works. The most significant benefit of DCS Speed and Position Check is in applications where the travel of the robot needs to be restricted due to floor space or process limits that are less than the full reach of the robot.

The M-2000iA/1200 has the highest payload and the strongest wrist compared to all other electric six-axis robots available today capable of supporting a 1,350 kg payload.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


M-2000iA/900L robot

  • M-2000iA/900L standard payload is 900kg
  • M-2000iA/1200 standard payload is 1200 kg with a1350 kg payload option
  • Vertical lifting stroke of 6.2 m (M-2000iA/900L)
  • Rigid arm offers stable transferring of heavy payloads
  • Strongest wrist in the world handles super heavy products with stability
  • Wrist is IP67 protected for operation in harsh environments
  • Built-in iRVision and force sensing
  • Reduces costs associated with fixed automation
  • FANUC Dual Check Safety Software
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