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Automotive Body Transfer


Three FANUC M-2000iA/900L robots lift and transfer full vehicle bodies through the underbody sealing and quality inspection process. Four FANUC M-20iA/10L robots use iRVision to locate seams in the underbody area and then apply sealer using FANUC’s patented servo dispensing technology for maximum quality control. This is one example of the unique capability of the M-2000iA to lift an entire automotive body with its best in class payload and working envelope. The M-2000iA robots eliminated the need for two custom engineered vertical lifts and a custom overhead conveyor system. Using the M-2000iA robots instead of traditional overhead conveyors offers the following benefits: 1. Increased system reliability, increased production, and decreased maintenance costs. 2. The overall footprint of the system was reduced by approximately 50%. 3. Eliminated the need to add support to the building structure for the overhead conveyor.


Key Technology Demonstrated


M-2000 i A robot

  • Ideal for heavy duty material handling.
  • World's longest horizontal stroke on the 900L of 8.2 meters or 26 ft and 10.83 inches.
  • World's longest vertical stroke on the 900L of 6.2 meters or 20 ft and 4 inches.
  • Payloads of 900kg and 1200kg with an option for 1350kg.
  • The 1350kg option still allows for full wrist articulation.
  • Full 6 axes articulation.

M-20 i A Robot

  • 20 kg payload at wrist.
  • Compact size, slim wrist, and small footprint permit operation in tight work spaces.
  • High joint speeds maximize throughput.
  • Built-in Solution Arm, 50 mm hollow wrist and upper arm.
  • 6 degrees of freedom.
  • ± 0.10 mm repeatability.