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Casepacking of Plastic Containers


FANUC M-710iC and M-16iB robots in casepacking applications of plastic containers. Each system achieves high throughput by packing multiple containers each cycle. Containers can easily be packed neck up, neck down, and in staggered or inline patterns for efficiency. Quick-change grippers allow each system to accommodate a variety of container types. The 6-axis robot allows the case to be tipped, using gravity to stabilize the product for reliable packing. The systems accommodate cases with or without a poly bag liner. The robot can also insert layer seperators as needed in addition to casepacking the containers.


Key Technology Demonstrated

M-710 iC robot
  • Best joint speeds in its class maximizing cycle time and throughput.
  • One of the largest work envelopes in its class.
  • IP67 protection with the FoundryPRO option.
  • Multiple mounting solutions.
  • Compact size and ability to flip over and work behind itself maximizes flexibility for work cell design, and saves valuable floor space.
  • Built to withstand demanding industrial environments with high reliability.
M-16 iB robot
  • Largest work envelope and load capacity in its class.
  • Small footprint facilitates placement in tight surroundings.
  • Dedicated pneumatic and electrical connections on J3 axis.
  • Fail-safe brakes on all axes increase safety, functionality and control.
  • Unique hollow RV speed reducers simplify cable routing.