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De-burr die cast aluminum engine


A FANUC M-710iC robot picks a Kohler die cast aluminum engine crank case and takes it to a tool tree. The robot manipulates the part through various tools and systematically removes unwanted features in the castings. Once finished, the parts are safe, easy to handle, have no sharp edges and are ready for the next step of making the engine. This cell handles both crankcase bodies and heads. It process 1400 of each part type per week.


Key Technology Demonstrated


M-710 iC Robot


  • Best joint speeds in its class maximizing cycle time and throughput.
  • One of the largest work envelopes in its class.
  • Multiple mounting solutions.
  • Compact size and ability to flip over and work behind itself maximizes flexibility for work cell design, and saves valuable floor space.
  • Built to withstand demanding industrial environments with high reliability.