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New FANUC M-2iA Delta Robot Stacks Stamped Parts


FANUC America is proud to introduce the latest in a series of high-speed parallel-link, delta robots: The FANUC M-2iA Robot. Two new models of the M-2iA robot are available to meet a variety of applications -- The M-2iA/3S and the M-2iA/3SL - both offering a 3 kilogram payload and four-axes of motion with a single-axis rotation at the wrist. The M-2iA/3SL seen in this video is a long-arm model that offers a larger motion range than the M-2iA/3S model.

The M-2iA/3SL four-axis robot seen here picks stamped parts from an infeed conveyor using iRVision line tracking to locate the randomly-oriented parts. The robot orients the parts and places them onto an outfeed conveyor. The M-2iA is ideal for applications requiring high-speed and accurate handling of a variety of products in many applications. A completely enclosed structure makes it safe for food environments.

The four-axis M-2iA has a single-axis wrist for simple assembly and high-speed picking operations, offering speeds up to 3500 degrees per second. The M-2iA's hollow wrist allows hoses and cables to be routed internally, which minimizes wear and tear on the tooling cables.

Interested in the M-2iA Robot? Follow the link to request a quote, or learn more about our full line of Pick and Place Robots.


Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC M-2iA Robot

Delta Robot FANUC M-2iA
  • Portable and compact size allows operation in small spaces.
  • Four-axis design (single-axis wrist) accurately moves parts at extremely high-speeds.
  • A hollow wrist allows tooling cables to be routed internally, minimizing wear and tear.
  • Food option features a special coating to handle acid and alkaline disinfectants.
  • Ability to work with primary (unpackaged) or secondary (packaged) food products.
  • Optional IP69 rating for the entire robot means the robot is waterproof and can withstand harsh environments, including dust and high-pressure cleaning.
  • Supports FANUC’s latest intelligent features including iRVision and force sensing.
  • Four-axis design (single-axis wrist) accurately moves parts at extremely high-speeds.
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