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FANUC Collision Guard - Features & Capabilities


This video features the FANUC P-200 robot as it demonstrates the features and capabilities of using Collision Guard.

The FANUC P-200 featured in this industrial robot application case study has been equipped with a standard short cab program with an extended cab part. The robot hits the roof of the cab, breaking the spray applicator and damaging the part. Robot end-of-arm tooling can carry a hefty price tag.

Many customers try to protect their investment with break-away screws or external shock sensors. FANUC Robotics' Collision Guard Software stops the robot immediately when a collision is detected. This allows the robot to detect a collision much quicker than conventional external sensors. Once Collision Guard Software is applied, the robot stops after the collision and no damage occurs to the robot or the part. Collision Guard Software is compatible with most FANUC Software including ArcTool, HandlingTool, PaintTool and SpotTool.


Key Technology Demonstrated


Collision Guard

  • Use of Collision Guard protects expensive tooling
  • Prevents crash damage to part and robot
  • Minimizes potential down time
  • Saves cost of add on devices
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