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Die Casting lawn and garden components


Three FANUC R-2000iA robots are part of an automated die casting process for lawn and garden components. Cooled parts are placed into a trimming press by one of the robots. The same R-2000iA robot performs the casting extraction process and hangs it in a cooling rack. A rack mounted R-2000iA is shown spraying during the ladling process and is more flexible than the traditional mechanical manipulators for spraying. Another R-2000iA robot skims the surface of molten aluminum to remove oxides and then extracts the exact amount of aluminum needed. The aluminum is poured directly into the die cast machine without the need of a funneling device.


Key Technology Demonstrated

  R-2000iA Robot
  • Multiple uses including: case palletizing, bag palletizing, de-palletizing, general industrial applications, and material handling.
  • Ability to be dressed with a weld gun to perform welding as well.
  • High performance motion yields fast cycle times and high through-puts
  • Slim arm and wrist assemblies allow for operation in confined spaces.
  • Proven reliable FANUC servo drives provide highest uptime and productivity.
  • Large work envelope.