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Four FANUC Die Cast Handling Robots Load Chrysler Transmissions Casings to Machine Tools


This four-robot work cell with four FANUC R-2000iB/165F industrial robots processes transmissions at the Chrysler Kokomo Castings Plant and starts them on their journey to production. ADVENOVATION worked with Automation Systems and Design who integrated the remaining three robots.


In the first station, a casting is picked by the AutoRacking robot from ADVENOVATION. Here you can see the transmission castings set with minimal tooling, which helps save money. However part orientation is never exactly the same.

Equipped with AutoRacking technology from ADVENOVATION, a casting is picked by the first of four robots from an incoming rack. This is the robot ADVENOVATION has automated with FANUC 3DL laser and vision. After the robot locates the part with 3DL vision, it picks and moves it to the laser marking station. The dual-machine tending gripper removes a laser marked casting and places the freshly-picked casting into the laser station.

Next, the robot extracts a casting from the punch press and places the newly laser-marked part into the punch station. Finally, the robot in the first station transfers the marked and pierced casting to the next robot via a handoff station. 

Watch as the process starts again. As the red light on the ADVENOVATION AutoRacking system turns on, it captures coordinates in the x and y axes, as well as roll using FANUC iRVision 2D. This vision shot shows the Geometric Pattern Matching for x, y and roll. The robot registers the part and automatically connects laser frames to twist and take a second image with the laser. This vision shot is taken with FANUC iRVision 3DL to capture coordinate z as well as the yaw and pitch. Between these two views, the system is able to calculate all six coordinates of the part in 3D.

Thousands of transmissions start their value add journey from this work cell. Ensuring part placement exactly the same way in the hundreds of racks would create excessive tooling costs and maintenance. Innovative technology from ADVENOVATION allows the flow of transmissions to move quickly and effortlessly from the first cell to the rest of the assembly operations in three other plants.

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