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FANUC R-1000iA Robotic Buffing of Door Handles - Courtesy of ACME Manufacturing


A FANUC R-1000iA/80F 6-axis robot picks up four door handles and quickly presents them to the first of three buffing and polishing stations. The R-1000iA robot was selected for its compact footprint, high speed motion and energy efficiency. It is 25% more energy efficient than larger general purpose robots.

A FANUC servo motor incorporated into ACME Manufacturing's patented end of arm tool rotates the parts at various angles to ensure the entire handle and shank are buffed as the robot moves the tool across the wheels. The R-1000iA series includes a 100kg payload version. Both versions can be mounted on the floor or inverted to accommodate tight floor space requirements.

Learn more about FANUC Robotics' full line of Buffing & Polishing Robots.


Key Technology Demonstrated


R-1000iA/80F robot

  • R-1000iA/80F shown (also available in a 100kg version)
  • Compact design / small footprint
  • Very fast / high speed motion
  • Flexible (can be floor or invert mounted)
  • Very energy efficient
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