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Educational Welding Robot - FANUC ARC Mate 50iC/5L Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) Cart


FANUC Robotics Certified Education Robot Training - or CERT Carts - are designed for the classroom or shop floor, to teach students to program FANUC Robots through on-line and hands-on training programs.

The CERT Cart featured in this video includes the FANUC ARC Mate 50iC/5L welding robot. The ARC Mate 50iC/5L robot offers the education market high-speed operation with optimum path performance and wrist load capacity, making it ideal for most robotic welding applications. These and other features make it the most powerful and affordable mini-robot in its class.

The robot seen here uses fully integrated FANUC iRVision to locate the weld joint on a demonstration coupon, and traces a weld path. If the position of the demo coupon were to be changed, intelligent iRVision makes any necessary corrections for changes made to the program. All CERT training carts use the same controller that runs every FANUC robot, so classroom training provides students the job-ready skills to work with FANUC robots in welding, and a variety of other manufacturing industries.

Interested in a Robotic Welding Cell for the Classroom? Contact a CERT Representative today, or follow the link to learn more about CERT Education Robots.


Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC Certified Education Robot Training Program

Schools can use the new package to integrate robot training into their programs and initiatives. Some of the successful approaches used by educational institutions are:

Education Robot Training
  • Integration of robotic automation to teach design and manufacturing concepts.
  • Creation of new courses and project-based activities to prepare students to work with robotic automation.
  • Add robotic automation facilitated learning to Career Technical Education programs.
  • Integrate CERT program with career cluster curriculum.
  • Apply industrial robot training to engineering technology curriculum.
  • Add CERT program to community workforce retraining initiatives.
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