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Low Cost Arc Welding Robot - New FANUC ARC Mate 0iA Robot Welds a Seat Fixture


The new FANUC ARC Mate 0iA Robot seen on the left is extremely lightweight and compact, specifically designed for arc welding applications. In this demonstration the FANUC ARC Mate 100iC Robot seen on the right uses FANUC's integrated iRVision to pick parts from a tray and set them into an automotive seat fixture. The new ARC Mate 0iA and the ARC Mate 100iC robots then perform a spatterless welding operation. Once the weld cycle is finished, the ARC Mate 100iC unloads parts as the ARC Mate 0iA performs additional simulated welds, and the cycle repeats. 

While providing the same reliability and repeatability as all FANUC ARC Mate series robots, the new ARC Mate 0iA's design incorporates the latest FANUC servo technology for high speed and accurate welds with less need for manual operators. This new robot from FANUC Robotics is ideal for a variety of applications, including welding of smaller parts that are typically welded manually.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC ARC Mate 0iA Robot

  • Lightweight and compact arm design for a highly reliable package that is optimized for arc welding.
  • Latest servo technology providing high-speed and accuracy.
  • Increased efficiency through minimum required interaction between the robot and operator.
  • Digital communication between the Lincoln Electric Power Supply and robot provides superior control and performance
  • Capable of various welding waveforms including spatterless welding and highly-controlled pulse welding.
  • The most cost effective robotic arc welding solution of any arc welding robot in the industry.

FANUC ARC Mate 100iC Robot

  • Process specific arm protects and minimizes wear of the torch cable.
  • Highest motion speeds in class for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Best in class reach versus stroke ratio.
  • Compact design simplifies installation and transportation of system.
  • Offers an extremely large work envelope useful for large parts or complex tooling.
  • Extremely fast wrist axes reduces aircut times, thus improving throughput.
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